Stilt Landing Page

This is a demo of previous work. If you would like current information on the Stilt app, please go to:


Stilt is a multi-platform work management application designed for industrial customers. It specializes in making it easy to for plant operators to communicate in real-time with multiple contractors across a variety of work types. We were hired to create a product landing page to show potential customers what using the app would look like, how it can make their work easier, and how to quickly get in contact with the company to learn more.

the stilt product landing page


We showcased Stilt's features with a dedicated section of the landing page and real images from the mobile and web applications using stylish device frames. Potential customers can see what it would look like to use your app, letting them feel more confident in their decision to download your app or reach out to your sales team.

stilt features section

Video: Contact Dialog

A prominent call to action like this contact button and dialog make it extremely easy for your site visitors to get in contact with you or begin their product trial.

Video: Smooth Scrolling

Small touches such as smooth scrolling when navigating to different page elements helps give your site a sense of polish and professionalism your users will appreciate.