About Us

Rugged Software is a close-knit team of friendly and experienced developers, based in the USA and Europe. We’re passionate about meeting the digital needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs.


Meet our creative and dedicated team

Dan Hampton

Dan Hampton, Founder & CEO

Founder & CEO

With over seven years of experience in the development of web applications and websites, Dan brings a keen eye for design along with his passion for responsive, reliable and truly rugged software that delivers on its promises.

His favorite thing about Rugged Software is getting to solve people’s problems and grow their businesses, by building creative solutions as part of a small, supportive team.

Alex Anson

Alex Anson, Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Alex is a talented problem-solver, specialising in JavaScript, ReactJS, Typescript, Firebase, Node, and NextJS. She believes in continuous learning and the power of teamwork to have a positive impact on the world.

In her own words, “Rugged Software means a lot to me. I have people I can count on and I’ve grown to be much more confident in my programming abilities. Working here gives me purpose and brings me joy.”

Elisa Crescentini

Elisa Crescentini, Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Elisa is passionate about creating visually pleasing user interfaces, bringing skills in JavaScript, ReactJS, Typescript, Tailwind CSS, WordPress, Elementor, and Firebase. Her core values are creativity, honesty, and open-mindedness.

The thing she loves most about Rugged Software is being part of an innovative and experienced team, who are always intent on learning new skills to keep up with the fast pace of modern web development.

Cate Hardy

Cate Hardy, Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Cate brings skills and experience in JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Next.js, Firebase, WordPress Elementor, and Tailwind CSS, along with a love of learning new tools and technologies. As a Recurse Center alum, she’s part of a global community of more than 2,000 programmers who are passionate about community and innovation.

With a background in managing a bookshop, Cate loves being part of a team that's as excited about what they do as she is. At Rugged Software, she's found a space where this shared enthusiasm is at the heart of every project.

Angel Hudgins

Angel Hudgins, Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Angel is a Full-Stack Developer with skills in JavaScript, TypeScript, Rust, and Python as well as React, Next.js, Firebase, Postgres, and CSS. Having lived in six different countries, they speak four languages, and they're curious and always passionate about learning new things.

When they're not coding, they enjoy spending time with their rescued cat, Micio. Angel says the best thing about working at Rugged Software for them is that they get to work on fascinating projects that allow them to develop their skills and collaborate with a supportive, open team.

Rachel Schipull

Rachel Schipull, Software Engineer

Software Engineer

Rachel enjoys contributing to full-stack software applications using her skills in Javascript, Typescript, Node.js, TailwindCSS, ReactJs, and Firebase. She started her career in education, and considers life-long learning and acquiring new skills a vital part of successful software engineering and the key to happiness.

She has found the team at Rugged Software to be an inspiration to keep going when learning is frustrating and when solutions seem impossible. “It’s really a place where we work together to create amazing products and support each other during the process."


Here's what to expect when you ask us to develop a website or application for you:

Step 1: Initial conversation

Whether you need a completely new product or you want to improve an existing one, we're here to help you. This is where we learn about your ideas and business goals.

Step 2: Project planning

Next, we shape your project idea and figure out how best to achieve your goals. Here, we define the key functions and features of the product, to eliminate potential mistakes and make sure it’s exactly what you need.

Step 3: Design process

We can work to a design you have in mind, incorporating existing brand colors and styling – or we can help you rebrand. Either way, this stage is all about designing beautiful interfaces and outstanding user experiences to support your business.

Step 4: Development process

Once everything is planned and prepared, it’s time to bring your product to life! Our team will code a user-friendly, fast, and secure website or application, designed with your needs firmly in mind.

Why not get started today! Send us a quick message using the form below and we’ll be in touch shortly to discuss your project idea.

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