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We provide reliable solutions for your web-based needs, ranging from custom application development services to quick product landing pages.

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software engineer working at their desk

Rugged Software has been a great partner in bringing multiple software products to market. Dan and his team are well-organized and produce quality code with an emphasis on security. His team does well even while I've had to shift priorities quickly to meet customer deadlines. I am happy to continue working with Dan and Rugged Software for future development needs.

Harry Helmrich

CEO at Monomer Software LLC


landing page for the Stilt application

Stilt Landing Page

An eye-catching landing page for a mobile and web application called Stilt. Key features are the immediate call to action and the carousel of large images from the actual application in beautiful device frames. To ensure we met our client's needs, we developed mobile and desktop design mockups using Figma. The collaborative workflow allowed us to rapidly iterate on the design and arrive at the final product.

stilt checklists add item to template dialog

Checklists Feature

The Checklists feature was a significant addition to the Stilt application. It allowed users to create and customize their checklist templates and schedule multiple checklists. Templates can support more than just text entry fields or checkboxes. They can be selections or restricted number inputs with custom options for values considered passing. The system immediately notifies managers when checklists are submitted, and historical responses can be viewed both during and after the checklist has been completed. In addition, users can attach photos and comments to an answer, improving communication.

server-jobs file open in vs code

Scheduled Server Jobs

Server jobs is a general event-based system created for scheduling a wide variety of recurring server tasks. These jobs include user-scheduled job creation, automatic report generation, emails, and notifications. Designed to be highly scalable and easily extended with additional event types. In addition, the independent nature of the scheduler and event handlers makes it so failing to generate a report will not impact outgoing notifications, for example.

portofolio site of elisa crescentini

Professional Portfolios

Professional portfolios to showcase your experience, projects, and credentials. Large, responsive images draw the idea, while detailed information is easily accessible through navigation links and additional content sections.

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Showcase who you are as a brand and what makes you hands-down the best choice for your customers


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The way a website looks and performs has a profound impact on user engagement and satisfaction. Speed, reliability and high-quality design are essential in today’s competitive online environment. Studies show that simply modernizing the design of your website can boost conversion rates by upwards of 33%. I love working with clients to bring them all the benefits of a fully-optimized, results-driven website that will power their business for years to come.

Dan Hampton

Owner, Rugged Software LLC